the anime gacha rhythm game
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the anime gacha bullet hell rhythm game; created as a mindustry april 1st event

downloads for windows/linux/android are available on the releases page.

please read the last release notes for information about the future of this game.


initial mac/linux/android setup

  1. install the latest stable version of Nim. ~/.nimble/bin must be on your PATH.
  2. make sure this repository was cloned with --recursive, as it uses git submodules!
  3. if on linux, sudo apt install -y xorg-dev libgl1-mesa-dev or equivalent packages
  4. nimble install -y -d (the flags are important!)

running on windows

  • building on windows does not work
  • I don't develop on Windows and I don't have much interest in adding support for it myself; use linux or WSL instead

running on desktop

  • nimble run to launch the game directly
  • nimble deploy <win/lin/mac> to create an executable in the build/ directory for a specific platform; cross-compiling for Windows requires mingw installed

running/compiling on android

  1. make sure you have the Android SDK and NDK installed
  • nimble androidPackage will create an unsigned APK at android/build/outputs/apk/debug/
  • nimble android will attempt to compile and run the game on a connected Android device - USB debugging must be enabled


music used:

all other art/sounds/assets/programming by me